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Calico Critters Cosmetic Beauty Set

Looking for a fun and fashionable choice to add beauty to your families home? Look no further than our Calico Critters Cosmetic beauty set, this Set contains all the pieces you need to add a touch of beauty to your home, including a vanity table, furniture to build your own makeup counter, and more. Plus, our team will help you find the best makeup for your needs.

Calico Critters Cosmetic Beauty Set Walmart

This Set includes: -1 Calico Critters Cosmetic -1 family Cosmetic -1 makeup vanity furniture -1 furniture from the families -1 shop makeup -1 shop vanity furniture -1 Set of 2 Calico Critters Cosmetic Set -1 Set of 2 family Cosmetic -1 of 2 makeup vanity furniture the Calico Critters Cosmetic beauty Set is a first-rate alternative to add a touch of sylvania to your appearance, this Set includes one makeup box and two cosmetics. This Set is for the Calico critters! It includes a Cosmetic beauty dressing table Set for your use, as well as a few other accessories! This will make your Calico Critters look top grade on the inside! The Calico Critters Cosmetic beauty Set is fantastic for an admirer who wants to wear makeup and look like a badass! The sets include a dressing table, a makeup palette, and a lot of other necessary makeup tools, it also includes a camera to capture your creative spirit, and a storage box to store the Set until you need them again.